Now that we have given you a history lesson on Oktoberfest here are some fun facts for you to impress your table: 

  1. Nobody raises their mug until the Mayor says so.
    1. Since 1950, the festival has only started after the official gun salute and the mayor shouting “O’ zapft is!” (“It’s tapped!”) and offering the first mug to the Minister-President of the State of Bavaria. Only after that, the festival can start.
    2. Don’t worry you won’t need to wait at Doktoberfest, the drinking starts as soon as you get there.
  2. People drank 7.7 masses (remember, liters) of beer at Oktoberfest Munich in 2018
    1. That’s 2,034,125 gallons, downed in 16 days.
    2. Are you ready to give them a run for their money at Doktoberfest over 18 nights?
  3. Paris Hilton is permanently banned from Oktoberfest
    1. Dressed in her skimpiest Bavarian ‘dirndl’ (the traditional Oktoberfest dress), the American socialite showed up to the 2006 to promote a brand of canned wine, without any sort of prior arrangement with the Oktoberfest organizers. After some sizeable and intoxicated public outrage, Paris was banished from ever returning to the party.
    2. Whilst Paris Hilton isn’t banned from our event it is unlikely that she will rock up, but who knows right?
  4. Albert Einstein?
    1. Yes, Albert Einstein actually worked at Oktoberfest when he was young, putting up beer tents.
  5. Oompah bands were used to calm cows
    1. The “oompah” bands at Oktoberfest are famous for their unusual regional brass instruments, including the Alpenhorn, which was traditionally used as a way to calm down anxious cows around milking times in the Swiss Alps.